Online newspapers

Everybody knows newspapers don’t have it easy with the Internet. Lots of content is free available, people don’t want to pay and if you publish something interesting, it is immediately copied.

I’ve been reading everyday on the sites of several newspapers. What you notice is that several newspapers have almost identical articles. Well, I thought, what do you expect? They are under the umbrella of the same publisher and they can’t spend much money on content they deliver for free.

So some time ago we bought a subscription for a newspaper in print. I thought this would give me lots more background information, more thought provoking editorials etc. However, I came away quite dissatisfied. Lots of sport articles, football especially, which doesn’t interest me one bit.

Maybe it’s better online? Well, no. Taking a free article of the New York Times and placing it even without translation behind your paywall will not persuade me to pay for access. And this is from a self proclaimed “Quality newspaper”!

So, the solution?  I don’t have it. They way I see the quality of newspaper declining, I  don’t think they will have much future at the current quality level. I do think people will pay for quality content, but then you absolutely have to make sure it is quality content.



Never delete requirements in ALM with the DEL key

Suppose you want to delete the link of a requirement to a testcase.

In ALM you then go to the testcase, select tab Requirements Coverage, select the requirement and delete that link, yes?

This is true, but do not delete the link with the Delete button on your keyboard, because ALM will be so kind to delete the complete testcase, no the link!
You really have to use the icon in the tab menu.